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2182 torrents in subcategory "Hip Hop" RSS

Added commentsNameSizeSeedsLeechers
17 Nov 14[D] (Instrumental) Vashelite - Magic (Past Life Records) in Hip Hop3.86 MB20
02 May 101 comments[D] ARCTIC by ENTY3WAY in Hip Hop1.98 MB10
04 Nov 082 comments[D] "I Be On..." featuring Young Berg and Infared (ILLPATH.NET) in Hip Hop6.24 MB10
26 Oct 10[D] ARE YOU FUCKED YET(REMIX)-ENTY3WAY in Hip Hop2.7 MB10
15 Sep 12[D] Black Hue by XYZ in Hip Hop52.62 MB10
08 Jun 13[D] Choc Mic (((ROBOT))) in Hip Hop9.37 MB10
13 Nov 10[D] Jadakiss - "They Don't Know" (Feat. Chynk Show) [Produced by Tune Headz] {ILLPATH} in Hip Hop4.22 MB10
15 Jan 13[D] Marvito: @IAmMarvito - Smoke Sessions 2 hosted by Dj CapCom in Hip Hop132.32 MB20
03 Jul 14[D] Spherm Onykxx - Know What You Are in Hip Hop5.6 MB10
14 Dec 105 comments[D]!!!!Nelly Parody (Hilarious "Just A Dream" Spoof) [VERY FUNNY] in Hip Hop4.75 MB10
08 Nov 101 comments[D]!!!Blazeline feat. Hollohan - Hungry [King Of The Dot] in Hip Hop5.11 MB10
14 Sep 103 comments[D]!!!Lady Gaga Parody (Hilarious Alejandro Spoof) in Hip Hop4 MB20
17 Aug 101 comments[D]!!!Mininova Presents "District Non" --> The Best Canadian Mixtape of 2010! in Hip Hop59.9 MB10
01 Mar 106 comments[D]!!Blazeline - The Cold War Mixtape [HOT MIXTAPE 2010]!! in Hip Hop112.19 MB10
29 Mar 101 comments[D]!!Nonamous & Provizion - Bad Day [Very Funny Song] in Hip Hop4.49 MB10
07 Apr 09[D]!# B.U.D. Free Download of the hit song Seattle Streets Court. All new in Hip Hop4.38 MB10
07 Apr 09[D]!# B.U.D. street anthem THE CRACK!!!! Notorious B.I.G. on the hook! Chopped up!! in Hip Hop3.88 MB20
24 Jun 102 comments[D]!#B.U.D. "Dope Opera" ft MPC! Hip Hop Classic!! A MUST DOWNLOAD!! in Hip Hop3.68 MB10
22 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D. "MVP" FRESH NEW hit off his Chronic Illness LP!!! TOP DOWNLOADS!!!!! in Hip Hop4.14 MB10
22 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D. "Rocking The Metal" A MUST DOWNLOAD!!! New style called Hip Rock!!! in Hip Hop4.67 MB10
24 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D. chart topping smash single "Work Me" off his Chronic Illness LP! DOWNLOAD THIS!! in Hip Hop4.17 MB10
07 Apr 09[D]!#B.U.D. Free download of the mixtape classic song Raining. in Hip Hop4.05 MB10
07 Apr 09[D]!#B.U.D. in MUSCLE UP!! Hard core classic track with powerful lyrics!!! in Hip Hop4.12 MB10
07 Apr 09[D]!#B.U.D. in TICKETS!! Reggae sound mixed with Hip hop provides great music!!! in Hip Hop4.71 MB10
22 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D. ONE OF THE BEST SONGS ONLINE!!!! "Ice Cold". TOP DOWNLOADS!!!!! in Hip Hop2.94 MB10
07 Apr 092 comments[D]!#B.U.D. Round & Round. Hip Hip/R&B SMASH RADIO HIT!! Patti Labelle sample! www.bud206.c in Hip Hop3.87 MB10
22 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D. smash hit "Get By" off his Chronic Illness LP!! DOWNLOAD AND SPREAD THIS ONE!!! in Hip Hop3.19 MB20
07 Apr 09[D]!#B.U.D. SOMETHING AINT RIGHT. Hot song for those in a relationship laughing at those in bad ones!! in Hip Hop2.63 MB10
26 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D. song "Play With Me" is fun exciting Hip Hop!!! A Must download!!!! in Hip Hop2.85 MB01
07 Apr 09[D]!#B.U.D. YOU AINT GOTTA BELIEVE.. Kanye style on the track!! in Hip Hop8.2 MB10
22 Jun 10[D]!#B.U.D.- NEW HIT SONG!! "It Is What It Is" !! NEW MELODIC RAP STYLE!! in Hip Hop5.02 MB10
06 Apr 091 comments[D]!#Free Download of the hit song Fresh Air by B.U.D!! - Hip hop at its best!! No major artists!!! in Hip Hop39.03 MB10
21 Aug 10[D]!#NBA/NFL Megahit "MVP" by B.U.D.!!! Lebron James on 1st verse!!!! in Hip Hop4.14 MB01
28 Nov 12[D]"Ambition" by Don Warbucks, song off of Champion Royale anticipated mixtpae of 2012 in Hip Hop8.94 MB10
29 Sep 091 comments[D]"BABYTRAXX IS JAMES DIGGER" ((Mixtape)) Produced By: BabyTraxxx (2009) [Jwho31] in Hip Hop153.73 MB20
05 Nov 10[D]"Back For Your Love" - JStar (Produced by Stephen Spencer) {ILLPATH} in Hip Hop3.75 MB10
03 Oct 082 comments[D]"Boyz In Tha Hood" - Ransom feat. Trae The Truth and Ya Boy (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop5.1 MB10
15 Jan 132 comments[D]"Days Of Future Past" - The Best of Willie Green (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop178.42 MB10
28 Nov 11[D]"Episode 1: Modern Music & Suicide in Hip Hop52.36 MB20
20 Sep 09[D]"i'm a winner new music from xsquad dj's artist kam kutta mixtape in Hip Hop10.67 MB10
30 Jun 11[D]"Lay Em Down" - Jadakiss ft. Styles P & Chynk Show (Produced by Pav Bundy) [ILLPATH] in Hip Hop7.21 MB10
04 Apr 11[D]"Life Of A Rapper" by Don Warbucks : REAL LYFE EXCLUSIVE! in Hip Hop4.65 MB10
08 Jul 092 comments[D]"Mama Used To Say" JUNCLASSIC & DUB MD 2nd leaked track from 'Southside's Savior 2009' (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop10.19 MB01
23 Oct 08[D]"Supaman" : T-PAIN [RoundTable Management] (ILLPATH.NET EXCLUSIVE) in Hip Hop3.32 MB01
25 Jun 09[D]"The Owner" JUNCLASSIC & DJ DUB MD [1st leak from 'Southside's Savior album"GET IT NOW!!] (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop9.66 MB01
03 Mar 09[D]"We Don't Play That" - Mista Raja ft. Sheek Louch and Bully (ILLPATH.NET) in Hip Hop4.94 MB181
19 Feb 10[D]$iCk NiCk - Bangin Out Hits in Hip Hop10.12 MB10
28 Jun 101 comments[D]"Art of War" By BiBz *Creator of The Dark Knight Rises Song* in Hip Hop8.62 MB10
21 Jul 09[D]"Deep Impact" By G&B in Hip Hop5.7 MB10
29 May 13[D]"Don't Make Cents (Prod. by Flawless Tracks)" by Nobi S Joyisa in Hip Hop8.76 MB10
23 Oct 08[D]"Got To Go":T-PAIN [RoundTable Management] (ILLPATH.NET) in Hip Hop4.01 MB10
17 Sep 091 comments[D]"HEAVEN" by RYU BLACK feat: Mariannie & Junclassic [Jwho31] in Hip Hop6.33 MB10
11 Nov 141 comments[D]"Just To Get A ReP" Hosted by DJ TwoFive (ft. Kanye West, Stalley, Sam Scarfo, FameSchool) in Hip Hop71.52 MB10
25 Jan 14[D]"PERFECT HEAVEN" - The Street Fighter Album Nerdcore [for fans of Childish Gambino, Chance in Hip Hop188.64 MB10
10 Oct 08[D]"So Much Pain" - Chad B feat. Ransom (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop3.97 MB10
02 Jul 103 comments[D]'Dream Master/Epoch' by Mega Ran & K-Murdock off the new album 'FOREVER FAMICOM' (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop21.15 MB10
29 Jan 093 comments[D]'E' From Brooklyn - Video Clip - JUNCLASSIC - OVERQUALIFIED 2008 in Hip Hop51.24 MB10
24 May 11[D]'VidaEnUnDia' By Susto (LP, RR052311) in Hip Hop109.33 MB10
01 Feb 091 comments[D]'YES' - Obama Tribute Song - JUNCLASSIC Prod.KROHME - The Onset Of Change EP in Hip Hop5.09 MB10
23 Jun 09[D](Eliseo Of Treal) (Captain Hook) (Mixtape) {SAMHOODY.COM} in Hip Hop115.5 MB01
16 Jan 15[D](Music) Y.K. The Pilot - Adventures In Wonderland LP (2015) in Hip Hop74.27 MB10
21 Jul 10[D](Rap/Rock 974 Remix) Linkin Park "The Catalyst" featuring Idjed Lion (Highdjed) in Hip Hop5.99 MB10
20 Mar 102 comments[D](Reggae Dancehall 974) - Ras Idjed Lion - Ca Tourne En Rond in Hip Hop40.91 MB20
26 Feb 08[D](Ruff Ryders)Infa Red - Stronger Freestyle(EXCLUSIVE)(ILLPATH) in Hip Hop6.04 MB10
26 Jan 08[D]***Chynk Showtyme: Track 20-Fetty (Produced by Choir Boy) (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop4.39 MB10
21 Oct 08[D]***NEW INSTRUMENTAL*** OCT 20 in Hip Hop3.22 MB10
01 Dec 10[D]***SHAYDSTAR*** INSTRUMENTAL HIP HOP MIX - NOVEMBER 2010 in Hip Hop50.21 MB20
28 Jul 082 comments[D]---===EXCLUSIVE===--- Chynk Showtyme: "Screw Dat" (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop2.41 MB10
31 May 08[D]---===EXCLUSIVE===--- Quadir aka Da Poet featuring Joell Ortiz: "Life I Live" (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop2.37 MB10
10 Sep 08[D]---EXCLUSIVE--- Mista Raja featuring KRS ONE: Taking Over (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop5.29 MB20
04 Nov 08[D]-=-EXCLUSIVE-=- "TriState Connect" featuring E. Ness, Chynk Showtyme and Mista Raja (ILLPATH.NET) in Hip Hop2.83 MB10
10 Sep 10[D]1 800 Reallyfe by Real Lyfe (Witness The Team Mixtape) in Hip Hop4.49 MB10
06 Sep 104 comments[D]1 Million Downloads - The Mixtape Volume 1 (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop154.68 MB10
18 Sep 101 comments[D]1 Million Downloads - The Mixtape Volume 1 [with artwork] (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop144.06 MB10
30 Sep 102 comments[D]1 Million Downloads - The Mixtape Volume 1 [with printabe artwork NO RAR] (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop155.88 MB10
14 Jan 0810 comments[D]10dB - Warped Children Scottish hip hop 2007 TapeDekRok in Hip Hop78.6 MB10
26 Jan 098 comments[D]13 FREE INSTRUMENTALS ***UPDATED*** YUNGPLATINUM in Hip Hop5.23 MB10
26 Oct 10[D]16 Bit - ENTY3WAY in Hip Hop12.13 MB10
28 Jan 0912 comments[D]18 FREE INSTRUMENTALS in Hip Hop3.52 MB10
27 Jul 12[D]1st Time - Good On Ya Mate Ft Andy Budstar Budd in Hip Hop7.1 MB10
08 Jul 10[D]1xtra in Hip Hop2.65 MB10
27 Apr 086 comments[D]2 Much Ain't Enuff - Junclassic in Hip Hop70.33 MB10
01 Nov 15[D]2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 27 (Hosted By Jadakiss) in Hip Hop345.56 MB20
01 Nov 15[D]2Dayz Exclusives Vol. 28 in Hip Hop356.26 MB10
08 Jul 10[D]3 Get Me Not in Hip Hop3.36 MB10
09 Mar 111 comments[D]3 Get Not - Enty3way ( Past Life Records) in Hip Hop65.26 MB10
08 Jul 10[D]3 Know Too Much by Enty3way in Hip Hop2.96 MB10
10 Jan 11[D]3'z Disc Yo - Enty3way (2010 Past Life Records) in Hip Hop25.58 MB10
26 Oct 10[D]3'z Disc Yo-Enty3way in Hip Hop33.42 MB10
16 Aug 09[D]30's On The Hummer - 2G - (Produced By D.Truman) in Hip Hop4.19 MB10
04 Sep 11[D]3rd Eye Land Vol 1 (2011 Past Life Records) in Hip Hop68.65 MB10
11 Jan 12[D]3rd Eye Land Vol 2 (2012 Past Life Records) in Hip Hop57.61 MB10
02 Dec 11[D]3rd Eye Land Volume 1 in Hip Hop76.77 MB10
12 Apr 10[D]4:20 Mitape 2010 ( Spookie TEE presents ) in Hip Hop63.17 MB10
09 Nov 16[D]5 Wheel Car - Enty3way in Hip Hop18.79 MB20
22 Oct 10[D]5 YEARS REMIX-ENTY3WAY in Hip Hop9.35 MB10
24 Apr 101 comments[D]80's Baby - GeedUp in Hip Hop84.95 MB11
05 Feb 09[D]90s Hip-Hop Podcast: Saturday Night Megamix 1-31-2009 in Hip Hop100.41 MB20
08 Jan 09[D] Pav Bundy - "Road Trip" (ILLPATH.NET) in Hip Hop3.65 MB10
07 Feb 082 comments[D] Rock N' Roll - Chynk Showtyme featuring Hannibal (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop3.03 MB40
30 Jan 081 comments[D] You Don't Wanna War- Sosh & Chynk Showtyme (ILLPATH) in Hip Hop2.98 MB10
17 Aug 14[D]@1TiffanyFoxx @KDakaHanDMan - Im N Da Streets Not Industry 8 in Hip Hop54.88 MB10
31 May 13[D]@All_Black_Hommi ft @MizMAF - GUAP [Official Video] @StreetSpittas « @ccelli in Hip Hop62.69 MB10
14 Feb 13[D]@Arioose - "Murda Scene" (ASAP Rocky Diss) in Hip Hop10.59 MB10
14 Feb 13[D]@Arioose - "Murda Scene" (ASAP Rocky Diss) in Hip Hop10.59 MB10
20 Mar 13[D]@CessLo - The Briefcase Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes in Hip Hop66.55 MB10
23 Sep 12[D]@ClayCowan - Comfort Zone in Hip Hop4.72 MB10
23 Oct 12[D]@DjKuttThroat @DjPlugg - Gutta Radio: BET Hip HOp 2012 Edition [Mixtape] in Hip Hop107.62 MB10
27 Aug 12[D]@DjKuttThroat @DjPlugg @DjAceCrankIt - Fake I.D. 5 [Mixtape] in Hip Hop89.57 MB10
25 Aug 12[D]@DjKuttThroat x @ProSmokersTour x @HydroPops x @MixtapeAtlas x @ILoveMyPlug:: @SmokeOneMixtape Vol 1 in Hip Hop140.51 MB10
13 Apr 13[D]@DJSchemes - Get Rich Quick Schemes 5.0 in Hip Hop118.14 MB10
11 Jun 133 comments[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes @PromoMixtapes steal company concepts, slander them, so can boost their business in Hip Hop268.74 KB10
06 Aug 12[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes & @DjHotboySmooth Presents: 2K37 Heat in Hip Hop167.73 MB10
24 Mar 12[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes - #AllStarCompilation2012SE in Hip Hop208.77 MB11
03 Dec 12[D]@DjSmokeMixtapes - All Star Compilation 13 in Hip Hop173.36 MB10
24 May 13[D]@DrekkMoney - Im All In Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes in Hip Hop50.47 MB10
16 Jul 12[D]@Eighty4Fly - Kush High (Prod by @AdoTheGod) in Hip Hop7.75 MB10
05 Mar 13[D]@HitFluid - Tick Tocks & Hard Knocks in Hip Hop45.64 MB10
18 Mar 13[D]@JabariESC - Ride wit it in Hip Hop6.19 MB10
20 Jul 12[D]@JericNova - #Overflow in Hip Hop90.82 MB10
09 Jan 15[D]@Jonezen - The Party Ain't Over Vol. 1 in Hip Hop55.09 MB10
03 Mar 16[D]@KDakaHanDMan @QueenJustBritt - Im N Da Streets Not Industry 11 in Hip Hop103.26 MB20
30 Nov 13[D]@sheffie_brasco @chrispdeadend - Streets to the Stage Vol 2 Hosted by @djhektik504 @djdowjones504 in Hip Hop85.82 MB10
26 Feb 13[D]@stg229king - I'm Fresh (the EP) in Hip Hop28.73 MB10
22 Sep 12[D]@StrangaTheGreat - Bonkers in Hip Hop7.77 MB10
20 Apr 11[D]@YungBub - License To Kill (Hosted By @DjHeadBussa) in Hip Hop42.83 MB10
18 Mar 09[D]A Dot McCray - The WishList EP in Hip Hop31.13 MB10
05 Jul 091 comments[D]A Free Beat From MIDIMarc - SEA 2 in Hip Hop3.78 MB01
19 Jan 10[D]A Free Beat From MIDIMarc - The Love We Shared Is Gone in Hip Hop20.69 MB10
27 Jul 12[D]A Long Long Time Ago - Enty3way in Hip Hop2.51 MB10
27 Jul 12[D]A Marriage Made In Heaven - Truth Seekers in Hip Hop6.27 MB01
23 Oct 10[D]A NIGGER STORY (PART 2) - ENTYWAY in Hip Hop19.53 MB10
22 Dec 12[D]A-Guttah - King Shit in Hip Hop92.57 MB10
23 Jan 15[D]A-Guttah - Where My N*GGuZ At? in Hip Hop8.63 MB10
10 Dec 11[D]A-Guttah Ft. J.R. King - The Drop in Hip Hop2.79 MB10
22 Jun 12[D]Aaron Wess – U Go Girl [New R&B Smash out the ATL] in Hip Hop6.49 MB10
06 Dec 12[D]Ace Sickal - That's Nasty [EP] - 2012 in Hip Hop70.39 MB10
22 May 14[D]Ade - He Can't Make You Come (Past Life Records) in Hip Hop3.5 MB10
22 May 14[D]Ade - I Ain't The One in Hip Hop3.75 MB10
22 May 14[D]Ade - It All Went Right in Hip Hop5.24 MB10
22 May 14[D]Ade - Non Celebs (Past Life Records) in Hip Hop2.67 MB10
23 Dec 072 comments[D]Aether in Hip Hop60.33 MB10
10 Jul 10[D]After-Enty3way in Hip Hop1.85 MB10
24 Apr 10[D]Aggression in Hip Hop2.72 MB10
29 Nov 08[D]Ahmad - "Back in the Day" (Haroon Al-Qahtani Remix) in Hip Hop5.35 MB10
16 Jun 10[D]Airplanes remix - Hard Target ft Lisa Gallo and Gemstar in Hip Hop9.2 MB10
20 Jun 12[D]Alex Terror - Street Life EP (2012) in Hip Hop112.4 MB10
25 Apr 10[D]All Around The World - Gemstar in Hip Hop4.87 MB10
16 Dec 091 comments[D]ALot Of Things - Young Cap - Dime2Dollar ENT in Hip Hop4.28 MB10
06 Feb 11[D]Already Late - Hard Target in Hip Hop9.74 MB10
19 Sep 16[D]Always On By - Alex Calabrigo Feat Enty3way in Hip Hop33.24 MB20
09 Nov 16[D]Always On By Alex Calabrigo Feat. Enty3way in Hip Hop33.24 MB20
19 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez "Best Kept Secret" Video ft Dj Teknikz (Travis Porter DJ) in Hip Hop10.95 MB10
19 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez "Foot Drag" Video ft Dj Teknikz (Travis Porter DJ) in Hip Hop21.19 MB10
15 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez "Da Black House Vol. I:Inauguration of a Legend" FT DJ TEKNIKZ (TRAVIS PORTER DJ) in Hip Hop168.31 MB10
28 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez "Da Prez Is Back Sucka Mcs, LOL" EP Commercial dropping April 4th @ 420 pm in Hip Hop6.95 MB01
21 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez "Hands Up" ft Mary J Blige 2nd release after 1 year hiatus in Hip Hop4.61 MB10
15 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez "Im Real (Definition of a Real N@##a)" 1st release after 1 year hiatus in Hip Hop9.11 MB10
19 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez - Real Nigga Pre Video (Real Video Coming Soon!) in Hip Hop14.27 MB10
24 Nov 11[D]Amante Da Prez - "Southernmatic" ft Michael Jackson, Lykee Li x Cool Kid Piddy x More in Hip Hop93.64 MB20
19 Apr 11[D]Amante Da Prez - Da Prez Iz Back Sucka Mcs, LOL EP - Ft Gucci Manes Dj Spoon, TI, Mary J Blige in Hip Hop40.55 MB10
22 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez - Hands Up ft Mary J Blige Pre Video (Real Video Coming Soon!) in Hip Hop12.54 MB10
28 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez - Prezidential Mondays - "Time" in Hip Hop5.5 MB141
28 Mar 11[D]Amante Da Prez - Prezidential Mondays - "Time" Video in Hip Hop94.49 MB31
18 Oct 12[D]Amari Mar - Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth Hosted By Kool G Rap in Hip Hop59.34 MB10
25 May 09[D]Amen - Bad Situation produced by MIDIMarc in Hip Hop4.42 MB10
06 Jul 091 comments[D]Amen - Head On LP (2009) production by Khrysis, DJ Forge, MIDIMarc and more in Hip Hop45.58 MB10
05 Jun 09[D]Amen - Nature Boy in Hip Hop4.81 MB10
03 Oct 09[D]Amen ft Saigon - What You're Looking For in Hip Hop8.2 MB10
30 Sep 10[D]American Gangster: Reaganomics (SageTrois Remix) in Hip Hop140 MB10
28 Feb 094 comments[D]American Monsta - JAY-Z Produced by RAVAGE aka MECCAGODZILLA from NYC's M.I.C (MR.GRIM) in Hip Hop79.68 MB21
02 May 084 comments[D]American Monsta - Jay-Z Remixed by RAVAGE in Hip Hop77.83 MB10
27 Dec 09[D]Ansia Team Chameleon in Hip Hop73.76 MB10
26 Dec 09[D]Ansia Team Cult7 in Hip Hop204.32 MB10
31 Dec 09[D]Ansia Team_H Krisis_2006 in Hip Hop93.7 MB10
10 Jul 10[D]Answers On A Post It-Enty3way in Hip Hop4.97 MB10
08 Mar 15[D]AOL & CRAPPEO & ADCamp Present CRAPPEO As Tyrant - Back In Da Dayz Freestyle (C.R.E.M.) (2015) mp3 in Hip Hop2.72 MB10
22 May 14[D]Aplot Ft Enty3way in Hip Hop6.35 MB10
21 Sep 09[D]Apple Sauce__Nofriendo in Hip Hop2.91 MB10
14 Oct 081 comments[D]Arkiteks - M.I.C. (Made In Canada) - 2003 in Hip Hop50.85 MB10
14 Oct 081 comments[D]Arkiteks - The Mix'd Tape - 2004 in Hip Hop61.1 MB10
07 Nov 10[D]Artifacts - Big Deal - Produced by 44th P in Hip Hop6.41 MB20
07 Jul 101 comments[D]Artillery 22 Mixtape "Games, Girls & Anime" in Hip Hop35.13 MB10
21 Apr 10[D]Artillery22 Mixtape Release "Games, Girls & Anime" in Hip Hop28.39 MB10
05 Dec 10[D]ARVANGIAPOSSE - CHIESA A SAN VITTORE full album 2nd feed - HIPHOP RAP - in Hip Hop16.55 MB10
05 Dec 10[D]ARVANGIAPOSSE - PROFUGHI URBANI full album 2nd feed - HIP HOP RAP - in Hip Hop16.37 MB10
24 Aug 10[D]Arze Kareem - Akstrumentals Vol.1 (Trip-Hop, Electronic, Hip Hop - 320Kbps MP3) [AUDCST036] in Hip Hop41.89 MB10
15 Feb 10[D]Asael - Before the World Went Mad - Vol. 2 (2010) in Hip Hop21.74 MB10
18 Feb 10[D]Asael - Before the World Went Mad - Vol. 3 (2010) in Hip Hop25.98 MB10
12 Feb 10[D]Asael - Before the World Went Mad - Vol.1 (2010) in Hip Hop20.66 MB10
28 Feb 10[D]Asael - Black Friday mixtape (2009) in Hip Hop34.39 MB10
24 Feb 10[D]Asael - Rebel of This Era mixtape (2009) in Hip Hop33 MB10
15 Dec 0922 comments[D]Ascended Essence - "The Grand Unification" [LP] in Hip Hop144.49 MB20
20 Dec 122 comments[D]Ascended Essence - The Dark Flow Theory (Hosted by DJ HOODIE) in Hip Hop205.48 MB10
05 Jun 128 comments[D]ASTRO DELIGHTS mixtape & (NEW MIXTAPE UP "SOUL RAIDERS" in my uploads!) in Hip Hop155.9 MB10